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Walker group units of measures


SI units

Basic interactions

Dimensions and units

Numeric values of the fundamental constants

Energy Units

Magnetic resonance in SI units


  Basic interactions

  Quantity   Formula   Comment
  Coulomb interaction energy  
 J = C V
  The permittivity of vacuum  connects charges with energy
  Coulomb interaction force       and force.
  Biot-Savart Law  [tesla]
  - velocity
  Magnetic Field due to a Long Straight Wire     
  Force Between Long Parallel Wires      The force is attractive if the currents are in the same direction and repulsive otherwise.
  Lorentz Force Law      Combined electro-magnetic force
  Magnetic dipole is the magnetic moment from a small loop of a current  
  I is electric current,
S is area inside the loop
  Magnetic dipole-dipole interaction       
  and connection     Permittivity and Permeability are connected via the speed of light
  Gravitational interaction     , [joule]   G is the gravitational constant

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