Teach yourself to read Russian in 33 minutes

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  Before you go on:


Although being native-speaking Russian, the author is neither a specialist in linguistics nor a teacher. The materials presented on this site do not have a scientific basis and are the result of random self-education and compilation of various sources. This manual supposes to be a practical approach but can be prejudicial for regular education.


The excuse of its existence is that it works. Thank to numerous remarks and suggestions by my friends and colleagues, the initial variant has been essentially improved. Unpleasant remarks and unfriendly critiques have been considered as destructive and have not been taken into account.


Any language consists of the three major parts: Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation. Hear I concentrate on pronunciation only. I do not promise that after 33 minutes everyone can understand Russian. A similar story happened with me: I studied Greek and now I can read it, but Greek is still Greek to me.

Origin of Russian Alphabet


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