Trip to Russia 

Basic facts

Who: Tatiana, Maxim & Nikolai

Where and when:

 Trip Tucson - Russia -  Tucson 




Distance km

Distance mi


 Tucson - Los Angeles

 5/19-5/19    NW 720 450 0

 Los Angeles - Moscow   

 5/19-5/20    E 9790 6080  +11 

 Moscow - St. Petersburg

5/21-5/22    N 630 390 0

 St. Petersburg - Novosibirsk

5/25-5/26 E 3100 1830 +3

 Novosibirsk - Petropavlovsk  

5/29-5/30 W 880 540 0

 Petropavlovsk - Shadrinsk  

6/2 - 6/2 NW 370 230 -1

 Shadrinsk - Moscow

6/7- 6/9 W 1610 1000 -2

 Moscow - Borodino
 (10 mi W from Mozhaysk)

6/10-6/10 W 110 70 0

 Borodino - Moscow

6/11-6/11 E 110 70 0

 Moscow - Los Angeles

6/13-6/13 W 9790 6080 -11

 Los Angeles - Tucson

6/13-6/14   720 450 0


5/19-6/14     27800 17200

Note that in the above table the differences in time correspond to summer.  Remark: Unlike Arizona, many states and countries shift their time back and forth and it causes a variety of problems (e.g. shortage in energy in California).

Russian Federation

Red dot - Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan), Blue dot - Shadrinsk


 Towns  Founded   Population  Latitude  Longitude
 Tucson, AZ 1776  0.5 M (Metro 0.8 M) 32 7' N 110 56' W
 Los Angeles, CA  1781  3.7 M (Metro 15+ M)  33 56' N 118 24' W 
 Moscow, Russia 1147 9+ M  55.7500 N  37.5833 E 
 St. Petersburg, Russia  1703 5+ M 59.8944 N 30.2642 E
 Northern Kazakhstan
1752 250 000 54.8753 N 69.1628 E
 Shadrinsk, Russia
 Ural / W. Siberia
1662 90 000 56.0833 N 63.6333 E
 Mozhaysk, Russia 1231   55.5019 N 36.0272 E
 Novosibirsk, Russia
 Western Siberia
1893 1.5 M (2000) 55.0333 N 82.9167 E
Using the program Global Distances (see the Download page) you can calculate distances yourself (see Global Distances for details)

Some details

Los Angeles airport

Nikolai, Tatiana, Maxim, Kirill (who happened to be in LA at that time)


in Kremlin


Max at Russia's Zero km


in Kremlin


Max and Nikolai in front of St. Basil Cathedral (Red Square)

"Red Square" is a common but incorrect translation of "Krasnaya Ploschad". "Krasnaya" in the modern Russian really means "Red" but at the time when the square got its name (17th century) this word meant "Beautiful" (for "red" was "chervony" as in some modern Slavic languages).  In Russian fairy tales you often meet a character "Krasna devitsa".  It should be translated "Beautiful girl" and not "Red girl".

Between the Cathedral and us you can see the monument: 

The monument to Kozma Minin and Dmitri Pozharsky

Next to the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed stands the monument to Kozma Minin and Dmitri Pozharsky, the heroes of the national struggle for liberation against the Swedish and Polish invaders in 1610-1612.  High-relief scenes on the bronze plaques set into the pedestal show the people of Nizhny Novgorod donating money and valuables for the army, and the Russians driving out the Poles.  The inscription on the pedestal reads: "To Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky from a grateful Russia 1818''. 

To the left from the Cathedral is a former place of execution (by decapitation) "Lobnoye Mesto": 

Max in Lobnoye Mesto
(To the left - Tanya and her sister Lyuba)

Tsar Ivan IV (The Terrible) watched the executions from Tsar Tower of the Kremlin (more to the right from the Cathedral):

To the right of the Cathedral the well-known German hooligan Rust landed his plane. 

Old church in Kolomenskoye (Moscow)


Wooden architecture from Northern Russia


Cafe "Uncle Sam". Moscow, Staryi Arbat



Staryi ( Old ) Arbat

Triumphal Arch


Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer
It was recently completely recreated.
The original was blown up in the 30s 



Night train "Moscow - St. Petersburg"

Next : St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Shadrinsk, Mozhaisk

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