Portfolio of small Delphi projects

by Nikolai Shokhirev

Here I collected some examples, which show object-oriented design, component development, database design and development, Open GL visualization, algorithm development, library design and development, unit testing.

There are more examples in my financial and scientific applications, quantitative research, tutorials and articles.

All libraries and examples are implemented using Delphi 7, but they should work in versions 4 and above.


Object-oriented interface-based linear algebra and numerical methods library in Object Pascal

This is a light-weight library for data and signal processing, statistics and visualization. It includes dynamic arrays/tensors, linear algebra algorithms, special functions. It also includes comprehensive unit tests.

Below are examples of some of the display components from PasMatLib.


Tutorial/description: , Online Doc: , Download: .


Delphi wrapper for SQLIte 3

Interface-based Delphi wrapper for SQLIte 3

I like interface programming model. I used this modified wrapper for the access of SQLIte 3 when DB components were not available. Description: .

Example project Picture DB. Code: (~350KB), Demo: (~530KB).


Reference DB

Publication reference Database

Another example of using SQLite 3. This is a searchable database of publication references. binary data (PDFs). It can generate reports, e.g. a search results in HTML or CSV formats.


Download demo: , code: .


Genetic Algorithm

The Traveling Salesman Problem

Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). This is an object-oriented interface-based implementation of Evolutionary TSP Algorithm. It uses both the numerical and the visualization parts of my PasMatLib library.

To rotate images: press and hold the left button and move the mouse.

Example project GA_TSP. Description: , Code:  (46 KB), Exe:  (~190 KB)



Open GL visualization

gSurface project

Interactive display of the energy and g-tensor surfaces in the three-level model. The project uses open GL for interactive visualization.

Manual: ,  Download program: , Installer .



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