Safe Software (TM) for download

With our Safe Software (TM) we follow some basic rules.

The main rule is:
 Keep It as Simple Software (TM) (KISS principle). Therefore usually each downloadable program is a (zipped) exe file. Sometimes optional sample files and rudimentary helps are included. In this case it is a zipped directory with all files.

Usually our program do not contain DLLs and other stuff that require registration:
 No registry modification at your computer

Two additional rules:
 No Installation *) - just download ( ), unpack and run by clicking the program file or make a shortcut (see "How to make a shortcut") 
 No Un-installation - just delete and forget

How to upgrade (see below)

We take care of
 Real Y2K Problem (see the "Statement")

 The programs are freeware. They can be freely used for any non-commercial purpose with reference to the author.

The programs developed for internal use, tested and work well for us, however:
 Disclaimer: All programs and the accompanying files are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied. You use it at your own risk.

*) On popular demand: for selected programs Installer/Uninstaller is now available as well ( ).

You can also download the associated help file    (if available). You can open the help by double-clicking on  cmh-file in your download directory.

Note: Depending of your browser type and its settings you may need right-click and choose save "Save target" or "Save link to disk" or similar option to download files.


Temperature Calculators.

This is one of the most popular subjects on the Internet (try to search yourself!). We could not resist the temptation to make our own contribution. In addition to our standard safety requirements, all out T-Calculators are Absolute Zero Safe™ (see the section  "Temperature" in "Current Projects" for further scientific background).
T-Calculator0. This is a beginner-level program appropriate for inexperienced users. It does not have any buttons (except the standard Windows ones). Current version is v.2. with improved graphical presentation (Graphic Source: USA TODAY. Found at To Do: (1) Translate into Java in order to make it cross-platform, (2) Develop multi-language (human) support.
T-Calculator1. The program for advanced users. It has two buttons and two display/data entry windows.
Complete projects with source code:   Delphi project TCalculatorD  Visual C# project TCalculatorCS (Requires MS.Net Framework v.1.1)   C++Builder project TCalculatorC   Visual Basic.Net TCalculatorVB  (Requires MS.Net Framework v.1.1)   JavaScript TCalculator JS . Complete project download
T-CalculatorX. The program with extended performance. The scale can be extended to the full screen width. To Do: Make more extendable diagonal version.
T- Calculator "Enterprise Edition". See the screenshot here.

Other Programs (check also Sample Code)

SciCalculator - Scientific calculator and plotting. The program accepts expressions in the Pascal and C format, plots several functions from a list and saves the calculated values in a file.  Check the section "Small scientific and educational programs". Screenshot.
NVS PassKeeper: v.1.5. Enhanced version of  Password Manager with two-level storage structure and increased security:  (309 205 bytes; md5 hash: ddf2c31a4fe13c22d57aeeb90ac8eb70). (521 582 bytes; nd5 hash: 78be27ebbd693d50f25706f1aee3826a); Import from PassMgr is available, see Help: (47 799 bytes); Instruction: at the first run enter your master pass phrase; later it can be changed.
HashFile: The program calculates the 128- bit MD5 and 160-bit SHA1 message digests:  (227 526 bytes, md5 hash: 58eeae8cb591bd5d308e3a420542e45f) 
Base64coder: Encoding of binary files to the base-64 text format and back:  (213 287 bytes) 
Reminder v. 2.02: The program displays important dates (e.g. birthdays). Every time you start your computer it displays the list of events (birthdays, etc.). The list is automatically sorted so that the nearest event is on the top. Installer: (485 792 bytes)**), Zip:  (273 430 bytes), Help:
TLAWCcalculator v. 4.6. Metric <-> USA units of measurements conversion: Temperature - Length - Area (square) - Weight - Capacity (Volume) conversion units of measurements. The program also converts Height, Width, Depth and Altitude. Remark: English system of measures has two subsystems for capacity : dry volume and liquid volume. However it does not have measures for empty volume. The Metric system allows measuring of all three capacities in liters! New: MPG to L /100 km (1 012 935 bytes) TLAWCcalcSetup.exe (984 500 bytes)**).
Simple Conversion v. 0.5 - This is a simplified version of the above program (a kindergarten level):  (~800 KB) 
PassMgr - NVS Password Manager  v. 1.6.Storage of  your passwords and related private information (user names, PINs , etc.) in a strongly encrypted file secured with a master password:  (522 857 bytes, md5 hash: e190320d5a9638189882406bfcc98784) **) , (308 649 bytes, md5 hash: 338ec61372dd8d32ae3a1ec05b8e16d4). See Computer Security page for details. Help file: (55 797 bytes). The algorithm is discussed here.
File Catalog Database v. 1.1 (08.08.2006). File organizer and management program. Keeps track of your files on hard drives.
Installer: (831 130 bytes) **) ; Zip: (717 835 bytes); Help file v. 0.9:  (85 KB). Upgrade: overwrite *.exe and *.ini files 
CardFile. Version 1.9 (2006.06.06). Tree View XML Card-index (Code bank, Cookbook, Address book, etc.). Installer: (537 733 bytes) **); Zip: (340 058 bytes) , Help file:  (42 109 bytes).
TEA CryptoFile v.1.2 (2005.08.30): The program encrypts files on a hard drive, decrypts them back and wipes out (secure deletes) files.
Installer (482 263 bytes, md5 hash: 17e0db7194ec3261543200f48058da10)**), Zip (263 327 bytes, md5 hash: 7fab555b0557b96d0264bdbe0fa612d2)
CryptoViewer v.0.8 (May 1, 2005): The program allows viewing and editing of text files encrypted by CryptoFile. It also can be used for the creation of encrypted files. Zip (266 249 bytes)
A←B ReplaceInFiles  (Jan 30 2005). (~230 KB). - Text replacement in multiple files.
  Secure File v. 1.1 (May 1, 2005):   (332 101 bytes). Secure managing of  personal and sensitive information. This program is encryption-enhanced variant of the program CardFile.The sample database AboutCardFile.dat comes with the blank password (you should just click the "OK" button or "Enter"). Installer:  (672 135 bytes)**); Help file:  (32 KB).
Global Distances. The program calculates distances between two points with given geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). See the page "Global Distances" for details. Installer:   (570 KB).
RGB2Hex. The program displays colors and converts RGB to Hexadecimal representation and back. 
BmpIco. Bitmap to Icon and Icon to Bitmap conversion. Multiple files can be processed using wild cards.
Chameleon Top Useless Program! It does nothing, but try to run and move the form. The code is here. (or visit the section Sample Code ).
Address Book . This is the exe-file from my XML tutorial. The program allows several addresses for the same person (e.g. home, office, etc.). You can send e-mails and open websites (if specified). It also allows having several address books (including backup). The help doc is brief; try to right-click on different controls. Sometimes hints are displayed if you move a mouse over controls.

Correct quoting: "Program name" by Nikolai Shokhirev (

**) Uninstaller is available: go to  "My Computer" then "Control Panel" then to "Add/Remove Programs". 

How to upgrade:
 Download the appropriate zipped file ( ), unpack it in some temporary directory, select the new *.exe and *.cmh files and copy them to the original program directory, press "Yes" on the confirmation prompt:

Real Y2K Statement

Everybody knows that almost nothing happened in the beginning of the year 2000. It is not because of the absence of the problem but because some programmer took advantage of computer illiteracy of the masses. All professionals in a computer world (including PC world) know that 1K = 1024 (10000000000 in a binary representation).

Real Y2K Problem Statement:
Real Y2K Bug is coming , but to the best of our knowledge, our programs will in no way be affected by the year 2048 or any other date. We are not responsible for problems due to bug-laden proprietary operating systems and/or hardware.


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