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Here I collected some code examples that can be useful in programming and/or (self) education. The samples are working but not finished programs. I am going to extend this collections upon preparing examples from my archives. The programs can be freely used for any purpose.  Improvements, corrections and remarks are welcome.

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Language           Project /  Comment  Screenshot
Delphi 7 Stat. Stat analysis - Multivariate correlations, Principal component analysis,  Code:  (120 950 bytes). The program can be downloaded here. Theory.  
Delphi 7 CardFile. Version 1.9 (2006.06.06). Tree View XML Card-index (Code bank, Cookbook, Address book, etc.). The program uses some code from the excellent Tutorial on TTreeView by Andre .v.d. Merwe .  Details and Tutorial, Code:  (61 259 bytes). The program can be downloaded here.  
Delphi 4-7 Interface-based Delphi wrapper for SQLIte 3. Project Picture DB. Code: (~350KB), Demo: (~530KB). Description.
Delphi 4-7 Cubic Poynomial. Scientific programming tutorials. Delphi/Kylix Project. Code: (~7KB), Exe: (~200KB).  
Delphi 4-7 Cubic Poynomial 2. Scientific programming tutorials. Delphi/Kylix Project. Code: (~7KB), Exe: (~250KB).  
C++Builder 5+ Cubic Poynomial. Scientific programming tutorials. C++Builder/Kylix3 Project. Code: (~6KB).  
Delphi 4-7 Orthogonal Poynomials. Scientific programming tutorials. Delphi/Kylix Project. Code: (~8KB), Exe: (~200KB).  
Delphi 4-7 Electrochemical fit using Differential Evolution. Scientific programming tutorials. Delphi/Kylix Project. Code: (~30KB), Exe: (~280KB).  
Delphi 6+ XSL Transformer. The program performs transformations from XML to HTML (or other types of documents) using XSL Templates: ( XML + XSL ) HTML. See the description for details. Code: (~60KB), Exe: (~460 KB).  
Delphi 3+ TestTEA. The unit uTeaSet.pas implements TEA, XTEA, Block TEA and XXTEA algorithms. This is a direct translation from the original C code by David Wheeler & Roger Needham, Cambridge University Computer Lab: uTeaSet.pas. (9 KB).  
Delphi 3+ PassMgr - a sample App for TEA. Code, Help:  (~ 50 KB), Exe: can be downloaded here.  
Delphi 5+ GA_TSP. Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem. This is an interface-based implementation (see details here)  of Dan Taylor's Evolutionary TSP Algorithm demo program. Code:   (46 KB), Exe:   (~190 KB)  
Delphi 6+  Address book. Delphi 6 XML data binding wizards: Use and improvements.Details and Tutorial. Code: (~80 KB), Exe:   (340 KB).
Delphi 5+  FileDB. Remark 0: I would recommend Cary Jensen's "A ClientDataSet in Every Database Application" (and subsequent articles)  available now at Borland site. Tutorials for TClientDataSet, File management routines, XML. The program collects information about files. Code:   (28 KB), Exe:  (360 KB),   (540 KB with linked Midas.dll)
Remark 1: in Delphi 5 the midas.dll is required to run the program. 
Remark 2: in Delphi 6 midas.dll is linked to the exe if MidasLib  is included into uses clause.
Delphi 4+ FileTree. Tutorials for TTreeView, File management routines. The program displays and compares directories in two windows. Code:   (30 KB), Exe: (192 KB).
- This project was inspired by excellent TreeView tutorial by  Andre v.d. Merwe 
- it works for TreeNT by Mike Lischke as well
 To Do: implement copy/delete functionality


 EBK & NVS    Library.     Language: Turbo/Object Pascal.     Tested with Delphi 3-6


Units for real and complex calculations including matrix and vector procedures 

 MathTypes  Type definitions   
 MatrixProc  Basic matrix and vector procedures   
 SpecFunc  Functions for real calculations   
 ComplexType  Type definitions for complex calculations, Functions for complex calculations   
 cMatrixProc  Basic complex matrix and vector procedures   
 MathTypesDemo.txt  Demo for use of Math Types  
 LinAlg  Diagonalization, SVD, Inversion, SLE, etc.   
Library + Test programs (Delphi 5) + Help - all in one zip
  Details and tutorial 
 EBK & NVS- TP Turbo Pascal variant - all in one zip. Test program for Delphi 5. 

EBK&NVS Pascal-Delphi Math Library
Authors: Nikolai Shokhirev & Eugene B. Krissinel
Created: 1991-1994, modified: 1998-2002
(See Tools for later versions)

Complete projects from Useful and useless programs




 Delphi 4+  Chameleon    How to suppress repainting a form. Can be useful if  draw on this form anyway  
 Delphi 4+  TCalculatorD   Temperature converter in Object Pascal
 C++Builder 5+  TCalculatorC   Temperature converter in C++  
 MS VS.Net  TCalculatorCS  Temperature converter in C#  (Requires MS.Net Framework v.1.1)
 MS VS.Net  TCalculatorVB  Temperature converter in VB.Net  (Requires MS.Net Framework v.1.1)
 Notepad  TCalculator JS  Temperature converter in JavaScript 



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