Digital Scarecrow

by Nikolai Shokhirev


In the age of digital technology traditional scarecrows look archaic.

  1. Stack your old CDs. Drill two holes on the opposite sides of the CDs.   

  2. Connect the discs with paper clips so that they make a chain.
3. Hang the chain near your plants. The discs rotate in the wind, spots of reflected light randomly move and scare birds.

Historical remark

I collected a lot of CDs (trial software, AOL subscription, etc.). In the first year of my work at TCI I used them as a Christmas decoration. A chain of CDs was hanging over our cubicles. Very soon I was told to remove the decoration because it could scare our valuable customers. Probably this prompted my colleague Walter Ries to use it as  a scarecrow in his new garden. I gave him my first chain and quickly collected disks for myself.

TRIZ*) remark

 My colleague at Ideation Inc. Vladimir Proseanic suggested to make a spiral by bending the clips at the second step.

*) TRIZ is a Russian abbreviation for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving


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