XSL Transformer


I made this program to help me study XSL transformation, because I could not find an XSLT program which meets the following requirements: simple, user-friendly, made for Windows and free.


The program performs transformations from XML to HTML (or other types of documents) using XSL Templates:

( XML + XSL )    HTML

This program can be used in combination with XSLT tutorials, which can be found in many books or on the Internet.

Terms of use 

This program is free for your personal purposes and for the purpose of technical study. The code can be found here: http://www.shokhirev.com/nikolai/programs/samplecode.html .


The program is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. You use it at your own risk.


Nikolai Shokhirev : nikolai@shokhirev.com , http://www.shokhirev.com/nikolai.html 



Program windows

Upper-left window: displays the XML document;  Upper-right window: displays XSL document;

 Lower window: displays the generated HTML document


The XML and XSL documents can be loaded from a file (   File Load or right-click Load ) or typed manually.
The documents can be edited and saved ( File Save or right-click Save )

The HTML window has two tabs: View - Browser preview  and  HTML - Source code. The contents of this window can also be loaded from a file and saved.

To perform an XSL transformation and to generate an HTML document: Edit Transform or right-click on the HTML window Transform. 

For your convenience the inputted XML documents can be formatted so that each tag is placed on a separate line. The "Edit Fix XML" option removes extra spaces and brakes the document into separate lines for better viewing; 

The program requires that the MSXML parser is installed on your computer. It comes with the latest Windows versions. If you don't have it, the parser can be downloaded from the Microsoft site http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ 


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