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The ecological niche of an organism depends not only on where it lives but also on what it does. By analogy, it may be said that the habitat is the organism's "address", and the niche is its "profession", biologically speaking.
Odum - Fundamentals of Ecology - W B Saunders 1959

In the wild world of politics some time ago there were two ecological niches: the "Empire of Evil" and the "Empire of Good". In 1991 the "Empire of Evil" collapsed. It is known that an ecological niche cannot be empty and the "Empire of Good" is expanding  to the empty spot. Let us check this impression with Dr.Nikolai's metric chart.  

SU-US chart
Features (In random order) SU US Importance
Civil right restriction for the sake of national security  Y  Y  
Patriot act  Y 1 (See remarks below)  Y  
Spreading ideology by force  Y  Y  
Distrusts to its own citizens (including spying)  Y  Y  
"Big brother" syndrome (Total government control)  Y  Increasing  
Concentration of intelligence, counter-intelligence, secret services in one organization.   Y 2  Y  
Racial/Ethnic profile  Y  Y  
Iron curtain   Y   Xenophobia is increasing   
Disrespect to the International Law  Y  Y  
Substitution of the law with the executive orders   Y  Y  
One-party system (all brunches of power are controlled by one party)6  Y  Y 6 (almost)  
Suppression of local authorities by the central government   Y  Increasing   
Official lie or "truth for the masses"  Y 3  Y  
Secret prisons  Y 4  Y  
Special tribunals  Y 4  Y  
Prisoner abuse   Y 4  Y  
Ideological fundamentalism   Y  Y  
"Free speech" zones   Y5  Y  
Politicization of science  Y  Y  
The Attorney General protects the government but not the citizens.  Y  Y  
The Attorney General support tortures.  N (Not publicly)  Y  
Add new items      
 1 Not one act but a similar set of measures.
 2 "KGB" is the abbreviation of the Committee of Homeland/State Security.
 3 Grotesquely, in the USSR the main official newspaper had the name "Pravda"  which in Russian means "Truth".
4 Initially applied to terrorists (bandits) and enemy combatants.
5 Shrunk to the size of apartment kitchens.
6 It was written before 2007, however, taking into account real differences, it is not more than 1¼ - party system.

  The above chart is done in a simplified variant (Yes/No). You can add your importance numbers (see the example) and score each item in %. You can add new items, like "Free enterprise", "Education", "Public health", "Prison population", "Technology",  etc..

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