Evolutionary theory of politics

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This article has nothing to do with the theory of evolution (Darwinism). At least this is not about the biological evolution of humans. In fact, there is no evidence that during at least the last 100000 years humans changed biologically at all. On the other hand, according to the Darwinism, the species can evolve because of the competition with the other species. During many thousands years the humans do not have biological competitors. Consequently, we should consider the human population as such. But why do they change anyway?  

Arizona desert frogs

"Ecosystem" means a dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit". Odum - Fundamentals of Ecology - W B Saunders 1959

Desert-dwelling frogs live buried in sand much of the year and emerge to breed only when it rains. They lay their eggs in puddles, and tadpole metamorphosis must be completed before the puddle dries up. All animals live in ecosystems. However ecosystems cannot form in puddles during this short time. The frogs found the solution. The population of  tadpoles (usually siblings) splits into dwarfs and and giants. The dwarfs eat micro-organisms and giants eat the dwarfs. This forms an ecosystem and this is a perfect model of the human population.

Normal distribution

Many properties (height, weight, IQ, etc.) are usually distributed so that the majority of values are grouped around of the most frequent (probable) value. Big deviations from the mean are relatively rare. The probabilities form a bell-shaped curve called the Normal (or Gaussian) distribution:

Normal distribution function.

The real world is multi-dimensional and instead a curve we should consider a surface:

Two-dimensional normal distribution.

Normal persons dream about wonderful things. Normal people do not want to be politicians. However, in a big population, somewhere on the periphery of the Normal distribution there are people who want to go up on a political ladder.

Natural selection

Still there are a lot of people starting this journey up. Among them are many honest persons devoted to service to the society. Unfortunately they are left behind in the way up. The driving forces of this selection yet needs to be studied. At least is obvious that, such features as smartness, common sense and many other are not included. Of course, accidentally they can percolate to the top. However, the reality is that the politicians are (in average):

It sounds strong, but they themselves provide us with the proof. Take for example, the US Congress. The story with renaming of French fries to "freedom fries" shows that the collective brain power of the House of Representatives is on a kindergarten level. Do not expect much from them.



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