One God, Many Gods ?

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During the history of mankind people practiced many religions and believed in various gods. Within the paradigm of the existence of God there can be two possible explanations:

  1. There are many gods.
  2. Only one particular religion is true and all other gods are false gods.

 Let us apply a scientific approach for resolving this problem. First we should consider well established facts and formulate the set of reasonable axioms and consistent hypotheses.


All religions and modern science postulate that the Universe was created (did not exist before a certain time). According to the best estimations, the creation occurred about 10 billion ( 1010 ) years ago. Most probably it happened instantly. This fact supports the hypothesis that only one God was behind the Big Bang. It is difficult to imagine that the Creator was just a member of a construction team (even a manager). The first assumption seems to be true.    

Popular vote

We should also check the second assumption. The most obvious objective method is a democratic approach (voting). The fact is that the followers of any particular religion are an absolute minority, especially if we count all generations, say, since the stone age. One can come to the following conclusions: 

  1. If each particular group is wrong then all of them are wrong 
  2. They all are right





Up (Science and Religion)

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