Dr. Nikolai's Popular Science, etc.

Popular Science
  What is science? Science and Common Sense.
  Metric and Measurements
  Metric and Optimization
  Global Distances
  "Cargo Cult Science" - by Richard Feynman

Science in Politics and Society
  Evolutionary Theory of Politics
  More . . .   .

Science and religion
  A. Einstein and religion
  More . . .   . 
ABC Tutorials
  ABC of Data Processing Statistics 
  ABC of indirect measurements
  Optimization  NMR Tutorials  
  Temperature dependence fitting   
  Units of measurement More ... 

Linguistics, History, etc.
  Teach yourself to read Russian in 33 minutes
  * Common Russian Phrases
  * Russian Names  * Thesaurus
  * Historic Role of Russian Language
  * Siberia Old Believers

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