Password Manager

(Brief Description)


The program uses the XXTEA (enhanced Block TEA) algorithm for the encryption/decryption. This is relatively new, sufficiently strong and very fast block cipher algorithm (see TEA Encryption Algorithm).

The XXTEA is a block cipher for arbitrary n*32 bit block size with a 128-bit key. In the program the key (master password) is up to 16-character length. 

Internally the master password is always 16 characters. If the entered string is longer than 16 characters, it is truncated to 16 characters. If it is shorter then appropriate number of spaces are added.

The program does not record any plain-text (non-encrypted) data to a hard drive. All temporary files are wiped.

The family of TEA algorithms (TEA, XTEA, Block TEA, XXTEA) is implemented in Pascal/Delphi by  N. V. Shokhirev, 2004. The source code can be viewed here. The source code and two sample applications can be downloaded here.   

See the code for more details . . .

JavaScript version: Simple encryption/decryption (e.g. for e-mail). It can be done here. This version is based on Chris Veness algorithm (Movable Type Ltd: )

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