Ph.D. in Chemistry

Research Interests and Skills

For over ten years I have been working at the University of Arizona as a research scientist. I was involved in several projects involving NMR study of heme proteins, the Nitrophorins. The goal of this research was to find out, how mutations affect the heme center structure and dynamics and how the active center structure affects the protein physiological functions.

I also studied by NMR model systems of heme proteins- porphyrins and chlorins, usually in paramagnetic states, which require modified NMR techniques.

In my research I used the following 2D NMR techniques: WEFT NOESY, DQF COSY, WEFT ROESY, HMQC, HSQC.

I have extensive experience working with Bruker DRX500 and DRX600 and also Varian 300 and Inova 600 spectrometers.

In my research I also used and interpreted data obtained by EPR spectroscopy and Electrochemistry.

My previous experience includes research in heterogeneous catalysis, oxidations reactions, oxide catalysts preparation and investigations by various instrumental methods.


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